"Great are your tender mercies and loving kindness, O Lord; give me life according to Your ordinances."  Psalms 119:56

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Captive Eagles

vision by Elaine Gentry, 1999

I saw a field of eagles; many, many eagles.  They were all large, fully mature and trying to fly, however, most of them were tethered to the ground by heavy ropes.  The Lord was watching with concern.  These eagles had been fed the Word and grown strong on it.  They would need to get free of their ropes and soar over many difficult circumstances in the near future.  Yet, here they were, bound to the ground by these ropes of disobedience.  How could these strong eagles, full of wisdom of the Word, be so easily held captive?  I perceived that they were mighty, warring eagles and that they knew all the promises of God and that they knew how to be great over-comers.  They had just not gotten completely free of this life's sinful bondages.

"Repentance is the only thing that will cut these ropes," the Spirit said.  These ropes are unforgiveness, judgment, anger and bitterness from past hurts.  The eagles needed to repent of holding on to these sinful and disobedient thoughts that were still deep in their hearts.  Eagles can only soar on the winds of God's perfect love.  With these things in their hearts, they cannot fully feel, nor move in the supernatural love of God.  All of their wisdom and knowledge cannot cut their ropes and let them soar on the winds of love.  When they repent of these sins, and the precious blood of Jesus is applied, then the power of sin will be broken over them.  Then, and only then, will they soar with the wings of eagles."

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